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Is it possible to keep the office restroom clean?

Everyone knows that public restrooms are dirty to some extent, but do you know how dirty?  Everything from the floor, to the seats, to the handle on the door out has germs on it. So what’s the solution? Hands-free is the way to avoid many of these germs.  Automatically flushing toilets, automatically-dispensing soap, and air hand dryers will improve your restrooms cleanliness. However, we at Able Cleaning recommend that you also keep a paper towel dispenser near the exit door.  This will allow consumers to use a paper towel to open the door upon their exit without making contact with the handle.  Yes, there are still people that exit the

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The Ultimate Green Clean: LEED Certification

“Green Cleaning” is such a hot topic right now, lots of buzz going on.  And most people have an idea of what green cleaning is, but don’t necessarily know every detail to being an eco-friendly building.  And let’s not forget the added benefit of lower maintenance costs for eco-friendly operations! The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, provides a certification program to businesses, allowing them to become certified as “eco-friendly”, recognizing them as “high-performance green interiors that are healthy, productive places to work; are less costly to operate and maintain; and have a reduced environmental footprint.” Today, Staples Promotional Products in St. Louis was awarded the Platinum certification. You can read their

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Unclean surfaces that will surprise you

I read an article earlier today regarding soap dispensers not being as clean as people suspect, although I believe many people are aware of this considering the recent push for touchless soap dispensers.  Which lead me to my second thought which was, what other surfaces are not clean that would shock people? 1. Handles Often overlooked, handles are where germs reside.  Have you ever hand-washed the front of your cabinets, but forgot about the handles?  How about the handle on your fridge? Or all the doorknobs in your home?  Handle on the toilet?  And let’s not even address shopping cart handles.  One piece of advice:  USE the sanitary napkins most

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Welcome to our new clients!

We would like to send thoughts of appreciation to our newest clients and let you all know we really look forward to serving you in 2012!  We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year 🙂 Town of South River, New JerseyThe Township of Maple Shade, New JerseyRobert Wood Johnson Statewide Fitness Centers   -CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center   – Meridian Fitness & Wellness Center   – Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center   – RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center   – RWJ Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness   – RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center city of lynchburg, virginiatownship of wilingboro, NJAttorney general’s office, bucks county, pa

Our First Post!

Hello world!  We are Able Cleaning Service, Inc. A full service commercial and residential cleaning company based out of historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (And yes, we are die-hard Philly fans!!)Please follow our blog for cleaning tips, green cleaning news, and company news.  We look forward to interacting and communicating with you, so comments would be awesome!