Healthcare Facility Maintenance

Healthcare Facility Maintenance

Healthcare facilities maintain the health, safety, and well-being of patients around-the-clock. The Able Cleaning team undergoes a strenuous training program after an extensive background check. General medical office cleaning regulations, as well as OSHA, HIPPA, Infection Control, and Operation Room regulations are always strictly followed.

Our quality control team is notified of breaking news in the healthcare industry. In addition to creating a thoroughly sterile, allergen-free environment, Able Cleaning pays close attention to chemicals utilized, assuring the use of eco-friendly (“green” cleaning) products. We offer programs for healthcare industry infection control, healthcare-specific floor maintenance, biomedical research labs, healthcare research facilities, blood work laboratories, hospitals, and physicians’ offices.

Able Cleaning is qualified to assist your team in examining your healthcare facility in preparation for OSHA inspections. For the protection of our staff and your equipment, our team does not wear any metal objects on their person while cleaning in the presence of specialized equipment, such as CT scanners and x-ray machines. Also, we never handle hazardous waste (bio-hazard trash).

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service

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